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      Automated Bending Cell

      Type HR03 automated bending cell is an automated bending center developed by Yangzhou Heng Jia Machinery Co., Ltd,who achieves a number of technological breakthroughs and technological innovation.Since it is composed by CNC bending machine, dispensing stations, discharging stations, positioning device and bending robots,it can complete automatic feeding, positioning, bending, unloading and other processes.

      Main Features and Benefits:
      (1)Efficient and flexible
      With high speed and high efficiency characteristics ,Type HR03 automated bending cell can get 110m/min.Without manual handling, positioning and bending,it can improve production efficiency. On the whole,it’s able to work 24 hours a day without malfunction.
      (2)High precision
      Bending robots instead of labor,has the characteristics of positioning accuracy, repeatability.Since it can follow the precise trajectory,it can increase the machining accuracy.
      It can perpetrate reclaimer, discharge, bending and other movements instead of workers,thus avoiding the workers pinching by bending machine or scratching by the workpiece ,so it can improve the production safety.
      (4)Save or reduce labor
      By automatic bending cell, a device requires only one person to operate and care.Thus it may save labor and reduce labor intensity.
      (5)Diversification of small parts
      This bending cell mainly used in a variety of large, medium and small quantities of small parts.
      (6)High level of automation
      It can perpetrate reclaimer, discharge, bending and other movements. Equipped with automatic feeding device and a feeding device, you can form a processing production line with other devices.

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