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      HR Series Bending Robot

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      Performance characteristics
      1.National initiative:
      The first fully automatic bending robot in the sheet metal industry of China, which increases the level of automation in the sheet metal processing substantially. High productivity, high Precision and high benefit, which brings in huge multiple returns for customers.
      2.Large stroke, high precision:
      Adequate space and stroke, which adapt to all kinds of large and complex workpieces. Machining accuracy is up to 0.2mm.
      3.High automation:
      Users can simply manipulate a friendly HMI and achieve the loading bending and unloading operation fully automatedly.
      4.Efficient and flexible:
      It can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which greatly reduces the heavy labor. And it can change gripping tools flexibly according to different workpieces so as to adapt to different processing needs.
      1.Accurate bending follow technogy
      The robot trajectory is basicly synchronous of brakes track, and the effect of the bending are close to artificial effect.
      2.Coordinated bending lifting technology
      Complex workpiece can quickly separate from the mold,and the robot is suitable for multi- bending-process workpiece.
      3.Flexible clamping technology
      According to your requirements,we can tailor to your suitable clamping solutions, whether you want to use a vacuum chuck or a mechanical clamp.
      4.Perfect control system
      With perfect functional system,the robot can be easiliy teached.In addition,with a little training,operators can grasp the method.
      5.Friendly interface
      We use imported touch screen whose interface is clear and stable. You can use the key operation,or use the touch screen to meet your different requirements.
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