The agricultural sector is of crucial importance to the domestic economy in many emerging market countries. Over the past five years there has been a significant change in the agricultural industry in a lot of emerging markets. EMIS has a collection of agricultural reports which report on the agriculture, livestock, forestry, hunting and fisheries sector within the country.

Latest News

  • Colombia: Government aims to renew 100,000 hectares of coffee plantations M-Brain - News Monitoring | 2018-Dec-11
  • SZIF to distribute CZK 1.3bn for dairy cows to farmers CIA - Czech AM - EN | 2019-Mar-14
  • Wood&Paper buys 24.95% share in UNILES from AGROFERT CIA - Czech AM - EN | 2019-Mar-14
  • Seafood exporters worried as US plans to regulate imports Business Line | 2018-Dec-11
  • New model makes dry land fertile in Henan China Daily | 2018-Dec-11
  • Shrimp catching season at Trang's Hat Samran Beach Thai EconomicNews Service | 2018-Dec-10
  • Rubber producers ask Govt to extend Shop for the Nation campaign Thai EconomicNews Service | 2018-Dec-11
  • Working Group to Be Set up for Solving Beekeepers' Problems BTA English Service | 2018-Dec-10
  • Hungary: Hail damage prevention system reduces damages by 70% M-Brain - News Monitoring | 2018-Dec-10
  • Cabinet Approved New Agriculture Export Policy. AgriWatch-Commodity News | 2018-Dec-10
  • Big Bucks Made on Commercial Hunting PNB - Polish News Bulletin | 2018-Dec-10
  • RAOT calls fund for rubber producers a New Year's gift Thai EconomicNews Service | 2018-Dec-10


Here are some of the top information providers for Agriculture that the EMIS platform provides access to.
  • Grand View Research, Inc.
    Grand View Research, Inc.
    GRDS Reports Ltd.
    GRDS Reports Ltd.
  • Indian Agribusiness Systems Pvt. Ltd
    Indian Agribusiness Systems Pvt. Ltd
    CCI - Citra Cendekia Indonesia
    CCI - Citra Cendekia Indonesia
    Arazul Capital Research
    Arazul Capital Research
  • Department of Agriculture
    Department of Agriculture


EMIS provides a wide range of industry data from a variety of sources.

Latest Reports

EMIS publishes 540,000+ research reports every year.
  • India - Guar Weekly Report - February 17, 2020 11 pages | 2020-Feb-18 | AgriWatch - Guar Research
    India - Spices Weekly Report - February 17, 2020 15 pages | 2020-Feb-17 | AgriWatch-Spices Research
    India - Pulses Weekly Report - February 17, 2020 57 pages | 2020-Feb-17 | AgriWatch-Pulses Research
  • India - Oilseed Weekly Report - February 17, 2020 18 pages | 2020-Feb-17 | Agriwatch - Oilseed
    India - Oilmeals Weekly Report - February 17, 2020 21 pages | 2020-Feb-17 | AgriWatch-Oilmeal Weekly
    India - Rice Weekly Report - February 17, 2020 9 pages | 2020-Feb-17 | AgriWatch-Rice Weekly
  • India - Cotton Weekly Report - February 17, 2020 21 pages | 2020-Feb-17 | AgriWatch-Cotton Weekly
    India - Maize Weekly Report - February 17, 2020 6 pages | 2020-Feb-17 | AgriWatch-Maize Research
    Indonesia Poultry - Learning from the past bird flu outbreak 1 pages | 2020-Feb-17 | Mirae Sector Update
  • India - Wheat Weekly Report - February 17, 2020 11 pages | 2020-Feb-16 | AgriWatch-Wheat Research
    Brazil Industry Report - Agribusiness, Food and Beverages - January 2020 19 pages | 2020-Feb-14 | Tendencias Industry Rep.
    Serbia: Economics of Agriculture 4/2019 - report 302 pages | 2020-Feb-14 | Economics of Agriculture


EMIS publishes 58,000+ news stories every day.
  • Indonesia's palm oil exports to China decline due to coronavirus 1 pages | 2020-Feb-19 | Intellasia.Net News
    Govt signs MoU with Sabah govt to plant more 'elephant grass' 1 pages | 2020-Feb-18 | Intellasia.Net News
    21 Vietnamese fishermen taken for coronavirus testing in Songkhla 1 pages | 2020-Feb-18 | Intellasia.Net News
  • Bayer driving agriculture innovation and sustainability with industry-leading pipeline and investment 3 pages | 2020-Feb-18 | Intellasia.Net News
    Produce still being transported to northern border amid coronavirus spread 1 pages | 2020-Feb-19 | Intellasia.Net News
    Prices of pangasius fish, poultry eggs in Mekong Delta continue to decline 1 pages | 2020-Feb-18 | Intellasia.Net News
  • Taiwan's long-haul fishing vessels unaffected by Mauritius ban 1 pages | 2020-Feb-19 | Intellasia.Net News
    Dragon fruit prices soar 1 pages | 2020-Feb-19 | Intellasia.Net News
    Vietnam needs to find new rice markets to replace China: experts 2 pages | 2020-Feb-19 | Intellasia.Net News
  • Philippine banana growers say coronavirus dampening exports to China 1 pages | 2020-Feb-19 | Intellasia.Net News
    Somkid asks Jetro to back smart farming initiative 1 pages | 2020-Feb-18 | The Bangkok Post
    Consultation of Palm Biodiesel Dispute in WTO is Ready to go 1 pages | 2020-Feb-18 | INFOSAWIT - News Update

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